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During the Super Bowl, February 2, 2014, I was reading HackerNews and with the game on in the background when I had a spark of an idea. That idea was to create a movie website devoted to bringing the people of Central Illinois the best possible information about movies playing in the area. So, I purchased the domain and set out to push up a website site as soon as possible. Central Illinois Movies was born.

With that, the actual work was ready to begin. I created a solution in Visual Studio and started building the backend and implementing the desired functionality. Every night I put in a couple of hours building the site and on 2/12/14 I was ready to push the site out to Azure. I put in a little more time on the one weekend I had but it really didn’t take much time to get the site live.

To Do Items

  • The site isn’t completely done. Are any sites ever truly done? The design of the site still needs a major overhaul. The current design is essentially default bootstrap. Bootstrap is great but there should and will be a great deal of customization there.

  • Another major piece of the site that needs to get better is the amount of content. The more quality content on the site, the better it will be. Right now there are only a few posts on the site. I’d like there to be a few (~5) posts every week. Always bringing best local movie info as possible.


  • The last area, which is the most important, is improving the searchability of site. If I type “central Illinois movies info” into Google, the results aren’t quite what I’d like to see. The site is the 5th result on the 2nd page. So, there is a great amount of room for growth here. Once the SEO is improved, the traffic should get a lot heavier. Improving the site’s content will go hand-in-hand with improving SEO.

Published on 2/19/2014 9:47:14 PM

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