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What I'm Doing (Spring 2016)

I am living in central Illinois, working hard to become the best person I can possibly be. I spend all my time on these things:

  • Working for IEMA: programming view, GSS, and other tasks. Managing the entire RMS system. Multiple check-ins daily.
  • Becoming a better software developer every day.
  • Meditating
  • Improving at playing the guitar every day
  • Working out every day
  • Eating better food
  • Stretching often
  • Writing
  • Thinking
  • Creating
  • Sleeping (10PM - 6AM)
  • Rooting for the Cubs

My internal goal is to live the best life possible. I define best life possible to be: controlling the things I can control and enjoying the process of learning, doing, and living. If something is worth spending time on, go all in. Outside of that, I’m currently focused on what I have written above.

I plan to add a what I’m doing page dedicated to displaying the current things I’m doing.

Published on 4/2/2016 5:21:17 AM

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