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What I'm Trying to Figure Out

The 2015 Cubs were an amazing team. There were so many great moments and performances that it's hard to pick one that stands alone as the most memorable. I think it's easy to pick out the most powerful quote though. In the second half of the season, Jake Arrieta had a run that has never been topped. The guy was untouchable. After throwing a no-hitter on a Sunday night in Los Angeles, Arrieta followed it up with another amazing performance against the Arizona Diamondbacks the next Saturday [1]. After that game, a reporter asked him, "how good can you be?" Jake replied, "I don't know how good I can be, that's what I'm trying to figure out."

Ever since I heard that quote, I've thought about it often and strived to get better every day. I have no idea how good I can be, I might as well try to find out.

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Published on 4/9/2016 4:59:44 PM

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