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Stick With It

There's a great book out there called, So Good They Can't Ignore You. The author of the book, Cal Newport, pushes the idea that those who are happiest in their professional life are people who have stuck with their line of work for a long time. These were people who didn't necessarily follow their passion, but kept at it and made their skills the best they could. Through the time and effort people put into their craft, they gained an appreciation and fondness for the work they produced.

The most common advice to people these days on what to choose for a job is to follow a passion. This often leads to people becoming dissatisfied when things don't go well. Career type skills often aren't skills that people are naturally passionate about, this leads to a disproportionate number of people to go into certain fields. People are generally passionate about hobby type skills like music or art rather than average workday tasks. Luckily, through working on something a lot, passion builds. What's more, as mastery builds, so does passion. Therefore, it's important to stick with the path you're on, as passion builds over time.

Published on 4/22/2016 9:18:54 PM

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