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Some days nothing comes easy. In times like this, ideas just aren't flowing and motivation is in short supply. These are the days where true character shines through. Usually true character takes shape through effort, which is just pushing though. No matter what happens or stands in our way, we can at least control our effort.

To be honest, I didn't want to write today. I sat down at my desk and no ideas came gushing out. Sure, I could push something out about the Cubs (how about that slide Javier Baez made last night!), but I didn't want to do that. Maybe I'll do a Cubs piece tomorrow night. I wanted it produce something more powerful. I wanted to write something unique, something worth reading.

By now you've realized that I didn't think of anything great. I'm starting to see that myself. Maybe though, if I push a little harder, think a little deeper, something great may come out my mind through my Das Keyboard and onto the monitor. Then again, it's also possible I won't. I might as well just keep going and see if something good is hiding somewhere in my mind. If I hit enough random characters, Shakespeare is bound to pour out.

When there is nothing else, I can always rely on raw effort to deliver something. It may not be the best work I ever create, but at least it'll be step forward. Effort is one of the most important things in life, and it's often overlooked out of laziness. If showing up is 80 percent then the other 20 percent is effort. It's also fairly easy to justify effort once you show up: If I'm here I might as well try.

So the point is simple, you might have nothing, but effort will generate the rest. Work it out, see what happens. Yes, it may be uncomfortable to push through the blank spaces, but once you start momentum builds. The act of just trying can also lead to significant ideas. Who knows when inspiration will strike. Until then, give a little effort, it'll go a long way.

Published on 4/27/2016 10:05:12 PM

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