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2016 has been a nice year. I’ve published more work here on than I ever have, I created SimpleHealthTracking, and the Cubs won the world series! For 2017, I’ve been planning an ambitious project. I want to improve my software development skills every day in 2017. As I improve, I want to share my progress and creations online. In order to do that I’ve created the website The goal is to learn as much as possible and share anything that’s interesting.

Through working on SimpleHealthTracking this fall, it reenforced how important it is to chip away at something with dogged regularity. I checked in code for that project every single day until it had every feature I wanted it to have. Some days there was a lot of code, others not so much, but every day I was a little bit closer to the end goal. I want to take this same approach to building my professional skill set.

There are several different types of content I’ve got planned including all of the following: Best Way to Learn A Subject, Book and Course Reviews, Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Programming Practice, and thoughts on how to improve even while away from the keyboard. You can read more about planned content in the welcome to Dev-eryday post. This list is non-exhaustive and the project could evolve along the way. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

Along the way, I hope to come up with multiple projects to build out from zero to a production solution. This will be the fun part of the process. Another interesting part will be going from unknown to known in emerging areas of computing and also revisiting old concepts. With the volume of material online to day, I’m going to have to be sure to rein in on the concepts that are both interesting and important. There’s more info out there than I could ever imagine being able to learn so the scope will have to stay fairly small. I’m going to take it one idea at a time and see how far I can get.

So that’s my big project for 2017. I want to reach new heights and see how great I can become at my craft. Dev-eryday will help in achieving this goal. I still plan to write articles over here. So be sure to check regularly. Dev-eryday will definitely have more action, but there will certainly be a lot of quality content right here.

Published on 12/29/2016 8:57:29 PM

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